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User Research,
User Experience Design,
Responsive UI Design,
Custom E-Commerce,
Custom Back-End Development,
Content Management System,

Mamie Grace

Mamie Grace is an online directory service providing the most relevant, up-to-date, honest reviews and information on schools, businesses, and camps for parents and caregivers of special needs children.


VA was tasked with building a new platform from the ground up which would allow schools, businesses, and camps to manage their profiles and for visitors to share reviews in order to share their experiences. Additionally, profiles can often contain a large amount of information, making the layout of the information extremely important.


After an extensive phase of user research and planning, VA designed a thoroughly modern and responsive interface that maintains the same user experience across a very broad range of devices and resolutions. Additionally, a robust back-end allows for administrator-level content moderation, and management of subscriptions, users, profiles, and general site content.

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